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Shippies, Cybermen and Signposts

Scotland is a wonderful country, not only do lots of inspiring people live there it also has the benefit of having lots of completely random things to enjoy.

Third Party and I have just arrived back from a long weekend up there. The first part took us up to Edinburgh to meet up with some Ship people. Due to the cross fertilisation process which exists this somewhat enevitably meant that within the group there were some people who were also Wibloggers. It was a real pleasure to get to meet Chorister, amongst others who I already knew.

After the Shipmeet I headed off into the randomness which any meeting up with Surfing seems to involve. Before we even reached the station to go home we had found ourselves exploring a random installation of obsure signs within one of the Princes Mall shopping centre. The exhibition is apparently called Signspotting and was put together by Doug Lansky who is doing the show as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

On Sunday the randomness continued in Glasgow, in a slightly more planned way as Third Party and Surfing, together with their accompanying adult ;), went off to the Kelvin Grove. I don’t know what the Dr. Who equivilent of a Trekkie is but these two are both it. Thus they were in their element within the Dr. Who exhibition. For more info on this one see the post Jack made when she went to visit. I have to say it was a visit I was definately not looking forward to…I am a wuss who cannot watch Dr. Who due to the scary monsters. As it was I was ok apart from some scary face in a jar episode and the Darleks. Strangely because the Cybermen were so obviously naff I was not atall worried by them. My fear of the Darleks resulted in Third Party depositing me next to K9, who I love, for some time. My reward for dealing with the whole Dr Who thing was getting to look around the rest of the Kelvin Grove and particularly the Mackintosh section, which I adore. For anybody who hasn’t been I can’t recommend the Kelvin Grove highly enough. It has a very special level of randomness, best illustrated by the Mental Health exhibit being next to the country music section. Also they have the most laid back attitude of any museum I have ever been to.

After leaving the museum I found myself witnessing a competition of who could walk the furthest with an ickle plastic duck on their head….as I say I really did view myself as the sane adult in the group, (and that is a rare occurance).

Monday got a bit more sensible as Surfing had to go off to work. Third Party and I went off to do a spot of retail and got the whole nightmare which is buying this years school uniform out of the way. Strange that the last time I will have to do this is the only occassion I can think of where it has been painless. I think there was a certain acceptance on my part this year that year 11 will inevitably involve fashion and also a maturity on Third Party’s side about when a skirt is just too short which hasn’t been there in the past.

We finished our holiday by going to watch The Proposal. Have to say it is not a great movie, but a bearable one with a few laughs sprinkled in. If you have nothing to do with a bored tweenage or teenage girl this summer it is an acceptable way to spend an hour or so. If nothing else it has some beautiful shots of Alaska in it.