Last Post

After I write this the comments will be closed and the password changed by Karl so I don’t know what it is. This is my last post on this blog.

Most of those I know read it are also FB friends and I look forward to keeping in touch with you via that method.

A confession and an explanation (and possibly a salutary warning to others)

This week a community I used to be part of were scared and hurting, I tweeted the news story it related to¬†and said a silent prayer but I didn’t get in touch with the people there….I didn’t even repost the news story on here. Instead I blogged about….well see the last few posts.

I sent an email to someone with some links to the blog in on Thursday but not an email to my hurting friends.

Over the years blogging has become a bit of an addiction for me. It has also become a major tool of procrastination. It has gotten in the way of me maintaining and deepening existing friendships.

Something good and useful in its own right which has had benefits has become something which has to some extent come to control me rather than the other way round. As I go to a gallery I make notes to blog later, as I watch a film or read a news story it becomes potential blog material.

I have enjoyed being part of this community and will still read others – something I also confess I haven’t done enough of. I’ve found time to write about me more than I have read about others.

I am in another time of endings and new beginnings. It is time for this blog to end.

Thank you for reading and being part of this bit of the journey with me.


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