Knowing Where to Turn

I’ve talked before on this blog about places to turn for support if you are LGBandT and Christian and safe spaces, most recently though this resource list.

One of the groups I think is particularly exciting and vibrant on there is the Two23 Network. There last meeting was on Saturday on the subject of “families”.

There were a few people sharing their experiences of being family members of LGBandT people before Dr. Micah Jazz spoke eloquently and insightfully about our need to widen our view and not fall into focusing on a narrow view of nuclear family when the Christian faith offers such a vibrant alternative. Of those who spoke before one couple were involved in FFLAG and that’s a group I know does alot of good work but I haven’t signposted in the past – so putting that right now. They’re a secular rather than explicitly faith based group but do alot of good work.

What I really liked about the session was the way in which narrative was able to speak in a way which had a really holy feel to it.

Also realised that I have been very Christo centric in the past and in an attempt to put that right now I’m signposting you to Imaan which is a support group working with Muslim LGBandT people.

I know that it is getting into the world of work crossing into personal life with this post but I am become more and more aware of the importance of signposting and allowing people to access information and so don’t think a post like this every once in a while hurts.

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