Attracting the Visitors

Destination Milton Keynes has produced a great new video  which is informative about the sights of MK, even if the commentary does sound like everything is being said in an ironic way. Now there are a few things missing from the video – the roundabouts and grid system, the skateboarding potential which is directly linked to the Buszy and so I could go on. Not sure if this video will attract the visitors or not.

If not perhaps the lure of hidden loot will do it. There is apparently £8,000 hidden within MK Gallery which has been placed there by an artist. According to the report in the MK Citizen (the local paper) the gallery don’t know anything about it. Think I’m going to keep my eyes extra open when I head to the Gallery tomorrow evening for the film Paper Tiger Reads Paper Tiger Television.

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2 thoughts on “Attracting the Visitors

  1. Hmm, cheesy video. Looks like a promo for Center Parcs without a woodland lodge. Could have featured the Stables too…

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