Amendment Required

Another private and personal post declaimer.

This is the link to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill which is currently going through parliament, due for 2nd reading on 5th February.

I support the aim of the bill and would ask you, if you are able, to write to your MP if you are in favour so that they are aware. If you do write I would also ask that you ask for an amendment. The bill confirms that people in a civil partnership will have to convert to marriage if one partner is transsexual and wishes to gain a full gender recognition certificate. Karl and I have our civil partnership coming up this summer, as some of you will be aware. For various reasons we wish to keep it as a civil partnership rather than register it as a marriage – this bill will not allow us to do so.

Part of what Maria Miller said in this statement in December was that she wished to take away the pain of people who were supporting their trans partner having to change their marital status because one of them was transsexual. Whilst she is keeping this promise to married people where one of the couple is trans it won’t apply to those in civil partnerships. That seems like an unintentional(?) discrimination to me, an amendment would solve this.

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  1. In your circumstances you are bound to know a lot more about this than I do but I would have thought it was intentional. If you were allowed to do this then all opposite sex couples (hope thats the correct terminology and not something offensive) would say they were being discriminated against because you could be in a civil partnership and they can’t. And there are a lot more of them than you so they are bound to appeal more to politicians.

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