Counting Down – Shorts

Towards the end of this year I have discovered short films (or in truth probably rediscovered them). The adventure began when I went to the ICMK event at the MK Gallery which is a space I’ve also grown to love over the last few months.

I’ve posted the links to a few on here previously, amongst them Suzanna Raymond’s work Shadows. Suzanna is a fine art student whose films give a different way of looking at the city. Within her films she invites you to engage with the local environment in a way which gives goes beyond a simple visual representation and on this basis I would argue what she is doing certainly intersects with psychogeography even if that term does not fully describe what she is doing. For an interesting take on psychogeography I invite you to listen to John Davies’ 2008 Greenbelt talk Walking with the Psychogeographers.

She Said Lenny which was directed by Jim Donovan and Who the Hell is Alice from the Penkat Studio are two interesting and funny shorts about dating which are both worth a look.

The most recent bunch of shorts I’ve discovered have been related to The Nativity Factor which it appears is a competition designed to get people to present the nativity in the most imaginative way possible. Within the adult section two entries compliment each other really well. They both give contemporary interpretations of Jesus’ parents discovering about the pregnancy. The Applecart entry Gabriel’s Visit looks at the event from Mary’s point of view whilst No Pressurefrom 4six3 looks at it from Joseph’s  perspective.

If you like any of the above you might also be interested in a new Advent exhibition which is travelling around MK this week with a different work each day. Whilst having looked at the site I don’t think it will be containing any shorts the website for the exhibition contains an animated one about Christmas from Dan Stevers. The exhibition is called

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