Counting Down – New Music

So it’s that end of the year time when people review the year. I thought I’d do it in categories and highlight some stuff I’ve enjoyed this year. Note this is not going to be a set of back links. Thought I’d do something which was a little more useful/interesting.

Starting today with new music I’ve discovered. By this I mean groups and artists I’d not been aware of before. New material by established artists will come in a separate category.

First off we have Exeter punk band the Cut Ups whose song about their home town can be found on Soundcloud. Their album Building Bridges. Starting Here. was out this year.

Next of we go to my indie discovery of the year Kissed Her Little Sister.

The International Festival produced several new artists to enjoy. Steve Winch‘s Braggesque set was much enjoyed as was Chrystina Tomlin’s rocking acoustic set. The Harbour of Songs project which was also part of the festival introduced me to Raevennan Husbandes who had an amazing voice.

Most recent local act to have grabbed my attention are easy listening/bluegrass trio Louise Petit who have their EP Fear and My Other Friends out now.

Greenbelt is almost guaranteed to introduce me to something new which appeals over the weekend. This year I wasn’t disappointed. It was American folky Willy Porter who grabbed my attention, especially with his track How to Rob a Bank.

All in all a bit of a vintage year for discovering some great music. I could have listed so much more but this lot includes a range of people who I’d highly recommend that you may or may not have come across elsewhere.

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