American Idiot – the sequel?

Been listening to the New Green Day album which is being streamed via the NME site. Initial feeling is that the guitar riffs and general tone of it sounds very similar to American Idiot in the beginning. Carpe Diem has a St. Jimmy feel to it for example.  Not complaining though this is vintage Green Day and and the sort of album you can’t stop yourself dancing around the house to. Really hope I get to hear it live, Let Yourself Go is going to be particularly good in that environment I think.

Kill the DJ lyrically evokes memories of the Smiths song Panic which ends with the plea “Hang the DJ” but this is v. much the American version. It is where the album veers away from the American Idiot comparison and the sound is probably best described as being like the bastard love child of Scissor Sisters and the Prodigy.

Loss of Control has a Ramones feel to it but is distinctly Green Day with the loss of guitars and focus on vocal at one point. Troublemaker has a similar feel to it which makes one wonder if the thing which really makes this album different to American Idiot is a decision to go a bit more retro in style, becoming more New York Punk than Garage Punk.

It ends with Oh Love which sounds like a rebel song and again reminds you this is most definitely an album to enjoy with a bottle of something and some space to jig around. Alternatively, if you’ve not got a bottle to hand and reality is kicking in you can do as I’ve done this afternoon and dance around the kitchen to as you make dinner. It has a great feel to it and I feel 10 years younger listening to it….never a bad thing these days.

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2 thoughts on “American Idiot – the sequel?

  1. My first thoughts on seeing the blog title was that this was somehow the political sequel. Could the Green Day boy be scared of a Romney victory in the next few months?

    When judging a Green Day album the politics must always be part of the mix, if they are the American version of anything in British Punk it has to be The Clash.

    Thanks for telling me about the streaming 🙂

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