Escape and Exhaustion

I am currently taking time out; the mental and physical impact of the last few months have finally hit and I know I need to do some serious “being” if the loose ends are to be sorted and the next chapter of life embarked upon. (Ok for those who know me I have been told by those closest to me to stop for a few days atleast).

In the mist of feeling shattered laughter is a good remedy and so I really was lifted on Saturday by going to see Hayfever at the Noel Coward theatre with TOH who treated me, (just don’t ask me to ethically justify it – being an ex-Occupier benefiting from a bankers bonus was mildly uncomfortable). This Londonist review sums it up – “polished” and I would add a wonderful treat – (done relatively cheaply after picking up some standby tickets on spec). If you are in London with a few quid to spare I really would recommend it; especially if you are a Rev fan – Mrs Vicar (Olivia Coleman) is able to use her wonderful comic timing in this piece, as are the rest of the wonderful cast.

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Hi my name is Sally Rush: I'm a Christian, a mother, a community engagement officer, a listener, a dreamer, a partner, an experienced teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister and so much more.

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  1. Great to read of a great Saturday, and I add as Surfing did to be kind to yourself and I hope you can find some time to relax in the coming weeks.

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