Sometimes just escaping into another world, a relaxed and hassell free but not a dull world, is good. This weekend I have been engaging in escapism, of a form. Thanks to TOH for making the whole thing possible.

Saturday morning I jumped on a train to Birmingham and headed off to a GCN gathering – and to meet TOH. Then TOH and I just went and then, when we were both too wacked to manage to be sociable, spent a whole evening chilling and actually catching up with each other in a nice cosy, having time to just chat, way. That spending time just chilling and chatting is something that the whole long distance thing makes much harder.

Sunday morning we ended up doing coffee in a great little Italian before going off to find a church. I had visions of Third Party as a youngster for half the service though, as I had come across the vicar in a previous incarnation -when he was the rector for the church her primary school was attached to. The service was “interesting” in many ways, but good in terms of being church lite.

Then on the way home, before heading back to do some fieldwork, I immersed myself in Douglas Couplands new book, Player One. TOH had given it to me with clear instructions to use it to relax. This was just what I needed. This is not one of the more complex Coupland books in some ways. Thin sketches of a people in a relatively short story. This is the sort of thing which is dark, warped and philisophically/ spiritually searching enough to make you go…yup it’s Coupland but not so indepth you need to have a bottle of gin beside you to cope with it. I gobbled it up in one excellent sitting…wonderful.

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One thought on “Escapism

  1. Glad you managed to snatch a weekend together.

    I remember the long-distance thing, I found the sitting and chilling thing really hard and felt like we should be constantly doing lots of ‘quality time’ things. HD as you know is a very chilled person, and made me slow down. And those chilled times, in front of the DVD player or sitting and reading together etc were the best quality time. But it took a long time to come naturally to me!

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