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Life is getting into that autumn groove and I am reordering. So, whilst trying not to do that too busy to connect thing again blogging will be briefer.

Conference yesterday was great. Interesting issues arising regarding authority and the internet when you’re dealing with churches and religious stuff.

Akma was great and his thoughts weren’t random. He was great and v. funny although the serious academics either seemed not to get his jokes or just failed to laugh.

Bex Lewis kept mentioning the Big Bible Project which was interesting. She gave an interesting “how to” presentation with Maggi Dawn who joined by skype. Maggi made some interesting comments re privacy issues on the net and about the need to be vulnerable whilst avoiding sob stories. I agree to a point but think it really depends on the story and sharer…is there a positive purpose? If so then sob stories can sometimes be acceptable. Also is the community giving prayer without the person sharing too much? Again think there is a point then.

Much was made of tweeting but wasn’t convinced. I don’t have time for another indulgence. But then a clear message was choose the tools and networks that work for you.

Finally Heidi Campbell from the States rocked…she’s done proper grown up research on religion and the new media stuff which I want to explore further.

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  1. Will be intresting to chat to you about your thoughts from this confrence. Ended up following the London one via Twitter at the weekend, and there seemed to be some interesting things being said.

  2. Being really cheeky here, but I know your blog is read by loads of proper praying people and I need to ask for some proper praying.

    Becky is in the Freeman and is very poorly. She has asked for prayer and a lot of us are doing that… if anyone who reads here would add Becky to their prayers I would be very grateful

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