Thanks, Blessing and general Wierdness

First off thanks for the prayers and encouragement of those of you from this environment who supported me with prayers and stuff….so important and so answered.

Second, if anybody is reading who has practically supported me during this – massive thanks again.

Over the last few weeks I have been hugely blessed through a really stressful moving situation.

In addition to those people who have stored our stuff and put Third Party and I up I have recieved the following help:

Random people and not so random people helping move stuff. Thursday was “normal” but Friday got surreal when amongst others  I had a bunch of Muslims my dad had just got chatting to wandering in with my beds and a biker who had lugged the washing machine up the numerous steps to my flat and to whom I will be eternally greatful telling me a bit of his life story, including what he’d been in a YOI for. Third Parties friends from college, who included the biker, were wonderful. For most people it would have been like finding yourself in a scene out of Skins or something, for me it just felt like a tutorial in my flat whilst moving. They were lovely and I hope to be getting to know them better.

Then bits and pieces I really needed kept appearing from wonderful people at church who had a spare this or that. Funny bit was when they were worrying about quality of stuff they reckoned was on it’s last legs I was like “amazing” I have x, y or z I needed. Have to say the love, good wishes and practical support from peeps in my church and the wider curcuit has been immense to say the least. They well and truly rock and have in certainly been sanity savers if not life savers this week.

Final words on the subject then, to anybody who has been involved, is thank you. God is good and I am feeling very blessed as well as shattered and relieved 😀

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  1. Is good news. Love the mental image you have given me of the random Muslims and the biker. Lovely. Happy settling in, hope it feels like home very soon.

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