An art gallery wrapped in a bit of fabric which went through the building seemed to sum up the randomness of life at the moment. The said “installation” was part of the The The Things Is (For 3) exhibition at the Milton Keynes gallery. It was truly the most random exhibition I think I’ve come across and well worth going to see if you’re in the area and like modern art.

Nipping into the gallery was part of my “trip down south” to go to G. & J.’s wedding in Tunbridge Wells, (which was lovely) and help TOH with some flat hunting in the land of the concrete cow. Doing all this as cheaply as possible meant that we ended up in the a lovely but somewhat surreal b&b. The owner was wonderful and I don’t think I’ve ever met somebody so eager to please..Although he was a self proclaimed agnostic his love of hugging and lack of awareness at personal space at times was something only normally experienced in church. Still he was brilliant.

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  1. The campus art at the OU is worth checking out. I am warming to MK (back up there in a fortnight) although I still think it is rather like the set of the Truman Show,

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