A visit to London

Having won the tickets to go and listen to Desmond Tutu in conversation with Sir Trevor McDonald TOH and I headed down to London for what Bridget Jones would describe as a mini-break.

Just before we left the hotel to go and see the Arch + newscaster TOH got down on one knee and did the proposing thing. She has placed a shiney ring on an appropriate finger (i.e. one that fits, and can be discreet if required). Important thing is that she and I and the people who matter know it is a ring of commitment. And it is done before she heads off down south for her new job.

Tutu was wonderful. As you may be aware the former Archbishop of Capetown has been reported as retiring from public life and so this was an amazing chance to see him before he goes. He was giving anacdotes and advice answering questions from McDonald and then from the audience. When he was talking he mentioned the 1988 Hyde Park celebration of Nelson Mandela’s birthday….that was the first time I apparently saw him speak….although I have to admit my only memory of the day is seeing Jim Kerr and Simple Minds singing Don’t You Forget about Me. During his recollections he spoke with hope and diplomacy, truly an amazing man.

Yesterday we did some art on the cheap, using our Tate membership. The highlight was the Rude Britannia exhibition at the Tate Britain. Viz, Spitting Image and Hogarth were all on display, amongst others. I think one of my favourite bits was a cartoon of the fat slags being told, “keep em on”. We did the cheap cruise down the river on the Tate to Tate boat and then wandered around the Exposed and Deception exhibitions. Apart from the Green Line film the Deception exhibition was just plain wierd…didn’t get it and didn’t particularly enjoy it. Exposed was great in places but equally disturbing in others….still worth seeing. However, if you have to choose I would recommend the Britain rather than the Modern at the moment.

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  1. Congratulations again.

    And amazingly I was also at Tate Britain yesterday. And very nearly went to Rude Britannia but decided I didn’t quite have enough time.

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