Clarification of My Current Situation

Following on from the comments on the previous post and TOH’s comments on her blog I would like to make the following statement:

I hoped my last post might have been general enough not to have given insight into exactly what was going on. However, thanks to TOH’s comments particularly, aswell as my own inability to make it objective enough the personal and current nature of the issue was obviously clear. I therefore wish to make people aware of the fact that I am not currently “engaged”, however there is a strong likely hood I may be by Greenbelt….although this is all currently out of my hands.

TOH has asked Third Party for permission to enter into a civil partnership with me and we are currently awaiting a decision, (or I am awaiting a formal proposal from TOH which would indicate Third Party has granted her permission)…as you can tell I am a bit out of the loop on this at the moment for obvious reasons.

Should we get engaged the plan at the moment is for the engagement to last a couple of years, and for us to enter into a life long civil partnership in a couple of years when Third Party’s life would be less effected.

Should there be any further development….and an official announcement I will post it on here.

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14 thoughts on “Clarification of My Current Situation

  1. What I love about this is the adoption of all the old traditions. YOU are waiting for a proposal, SHE is asking for permission. It reminds me of being 17 in the 70s!

  2. Agatha,

    Would that be the 1770’s?

    Oh Ms Fermat is such a wild and impestuous creature doesn’t on think Ms Agatha?

    Oh yes Ms Tractor Girl! One does appreciate such wildness in one’s intended, does one not?

    Why Mr kipling, with these cakes one is spoiling us….

  3. Maybe I’m being pernickety, but …

    Asking the teenage child of one’s other half for permission because a proposed civil partnership would have a significant effect on that young person’s life strikes me as being a very different activity in nature from asking the father of one’s other half for permission because technically she’s his property until she marries you and becomes your property.

    Actual, forget the ‘maybe I’m being pernickety’. Personally, I just don’t think the two activities are comparable and myself would never have thought that what’s going on with TOH asking TP’s permission is an adoption of old traditions.

    Tractor Girl – I keep meaning to get in touch again properly. Still a bit bogged down in uni work. Have been following this blog though. Exciting times for you. Add me to those thinking of you, TOH and TP 🙂

  4. Glad to see this has given all an opportunity to have a good laugh, is in keeping with the spirit of the whole thing me thinks. Actually it is actually quite quaint this whole thing aswell. And of course it’s not comparable in the sense of the asking the father of the bride, but………well everybody knows I have a slightly Ab Fab style of parenting going on and this seems quite in keeping.

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