Durham – Hotbed for the Religious Right?

I posted this earlier, and have been doing a bit of surfing around to try and work out what’s what. From what I can see the Voting for My Voice are targeting Durham, because (i) it is a marginal and (ii) it has a large student population, (who are appear to be disporoportionately Christian).

The group behind this appear to be linked to The Christian Institute,  who inturn through their webpages seemed to be linked to a number of rightwing Christian groups including Focus on the Family, Alliance Defence Fund and Phillip R. Johnson and the Family Research Council in the USA and Jesmond Parish Church in the UK. There registered trading address is a business park in Newcastle. Voting for my Voice also appears to be linked to Christian Concern for Our Nation, which is turn a sister organisation for the Christian Legal Centre which  is described as offering ” legal support to Christians facing issues of biblical freedom”.

Also in Durham and linked, (if one looks at the links part of the Website) is Christchurch, which currently has a number of members on the (UCCF linked) Durham Christian Union exec. This is a church linked not only to The Christian Institute but also to Gafcon, and Reform.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions about this all, but my own suspicions are that at the moment Durham and the student population here is scarily seen as a target by “the Christian right” to start mobilising and building from.

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