Social Attitudes

BBC has an interesting, but in places slightly depressing, report on the latest social attitudes survey. It shows people are less inclined to feel it is there duty to vote, (depressing) but also less inclined to believe homosexual acts are wrong (positive).

The divisions that do exist are interesting though because they do illustrate that some of the discussions causing angst in the church do reflect the views, opinions and wider debates that still exist in society. This doesn’t just apply to “the gay issue” it also applys to discussions about things like the redistribution of wealth and attitudes towards the poor.

Therefore, having a space where these debates can occur is useful – aslong as they don’t detract from wider issues. In fact this survey is evidence of exactly what Ben Edson was saying in relation to the gay debate in this post just before Christmas.

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One thought on “Social Attitudes

  1. I thought it enormously interesting to have listened in depth to ‘Today in Parliament’ yesterday and all the debate in the Lord’s “on behalf” of the churches so they don’t have to employ those Pesky Gay People &tm; particularly in relation to the social trends data published today. Horray for a church that is on the mark with issues of social concern and fully representative of the broad and diverse opinions. 😉

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