Art in the Cathedral

The Galilee chapel in the cathedral has an exhibition of “Images of God” by school children who are part of the Hexham and Newcastle Catholic Partnership.

The work is of an incredible quality for a bunch of people so young and some of it is really inspiring.

The works that really caught my attention were:
A picture of a young black child on a piece of ripped hesian sacking by Edward Maddison. It was incredibly striking aswell as quite moving.

A young, slightly androgynous male who is in the position of the cross with a loin cloth around him and a glowing flame behind by Jamie Gilling. This was also quite moving, although the figure looked younger than Jesus on the cross would have been.

Nathan Hanby’s print in black and white of an older afro-caribbean male was also quite moving.

“All for one and one for all” was a collage of Jesus’ face by year 8 pupils at St. Robert of Newminster Catholic school. The collage was made up images of Jesus that younger pupils had bought in.

St. John’s Catholic School produced a set of four interesting pictures of the traditional white Jesus, but as a pirate,policeman, farmer and hippy.

Finally Amy Hassard produced an extremely moving picture of the beaten disfigured Jesus.

There were a bunch of other works on display aswell, but these were the ones which really caught my eye. The exhibition is in the cathedral until January 31st.

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