Networks and confidentiality

Slightly different blog post today. I am at a watershed in my life in many ways. Yesterday “something” specific happened, God released his Spirit in a few v. unremarkable but special ways which have reinforced to me I am not going mad about some stuff I have been wrestling with. I can’t explain but through various “ordinary” conversations God spoke to me extremely clearly about some stuff I have been praying hard about.

I realise that some new shoots have tentively poked up through the soil in my life and that I need to nurture them carefully, discerning if they are weeds, seasonal blooms, or things which are going to grow over a lifetime – there seems to be a mix of the latter two but being a realist I want to look out for the first set aswell. With all of them the shoots I am seeing now are the results of seeds planted at different times, some by myself and some by others. Seeds which have been watered and fed by many including those of you I know through this blog and other internet sites we frequent.

This brings me to where I am going with this. Over the last few years I have been very open on here about what has been going on. This is something I want to continue, but am aware will need to change slightly because of the shoots that are growing – confidentiality becomes an issue….for example I don’t feel it appropriate to share what most of them are at the moment in any detail. However, I know that in all my mad adventuring you guys, (regular readers), have been vital and have in many ways formed the core of my support group. Therefore, I am looking for volunteers, (bearing in mind that most of you that I have in my mind here are also Facebook friends), to formally become part of a small “support group” for me. I am looking for people who either know me in real life or have been reading my blog regularly for a while, (give or take a bit at least over the last two years). I am looking for people who are Christians and who are ready to tell me when they think I am wrong aswell as when I am right. I am looking for people who think they can tell what my passions and gifts are aswell as what my faults might be. I am looking for people I can trust.

If you think you fit the bill can you facebook message me and so I can get back to you with a bit more of what’s actually going on in my life at the moment.

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