Election Campaigning in church?

So the pre-election campaign has started and we all want it to get out of the way, but equally we need to be engaged somehow. Rather than asking their congregation to come out and sit through the usual debate a church I know in Tractor Land has announced they’re doing it a bit differently this time. Burlington are inviting each of the main candidates in for a q&a session during the service, (sorry main celebrations…forgot the language is all changing).

Aware that they could be accused of bringing politics in where it’s not seen as appropriate their senior minister has made this wonderfully worded and quite inspiring comment on their site,
“Burlington is not interested in being party-political but is committed to constructive engagement and active involvement in society based on the life-changing values of Jesus. We welcome this opportunity to meet and support those seeking to serve in public life.”

Interesting aside to note that the Tory candidate for Tractorland is John Gummer’s son. Is this the start of another political dynasty? Whatever, the politics are close enough that it will make for an interesting campaign in that constituency.

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