Two Dykes, A Hymn Book, A Pub Crawl and A Gathering

Well the heading basically sums up my Christmas, sort of.

After seeing Third Party onto the train on Christmas Eve morning part two of my Christmas began. TOH gave me part 1 of my Christmas present by taking me off to Newcastle to treat me to lunch and seeing Avatar, (thankfully in 2D). The film was amazing and I only got scared and had to bury my head in TOH a few times. It is a wonderfully gripping exploration of (post)modern colonialism and the treatment of indigenous people, aswell of the complex relationship between scientists, the military and corporations. It showed what the rest of us have known for ages, whilst American colonialism in the name of capitalism is bad not all Americans are. They have people engaging in great acts of conscience too. Final note on the film is Cameron has stolen Lucas’ crown for cinematography in this genre.

Anyway when we got back to Durham it was a case of hopping into the taxi to be wisked up to the hospital to do a spot of carol singing, or in my case carol miming. I can reveal on the basis of the tour of Durham hospital Silent Night is the nations favourite carol, with Away in the Manger a close second.

That brings us onto Christmas Day. With Santa being off in Lapland, (we got a call mid afternoon), the prezzies under the tree were what we were giving to each other and what I had recieved from various internet exchanges/ interactions. Thus I opened my main present, a melody copy of Hymns and Psalms – (regular readers will understand why I wanted a hymn book for Christmas). From my WISE person I got a lovely Lush bath thing and a chocolate santa, (she knows my tastes well). From my Ship person I got a Wayne Toups and Zydecajun CD which actually rocks in a rather bizarre way and a few other bits. From my Orthodox friend I got some CD’s of the Psalter and stuff. So in all not your average but a rather cool present opening in a surreal way. TOH enjoyed her various prezzies including a copy of Busty, Slag and Nob End by Russell Ash

Then it was on to church. A very pleasant service, which included a beautiful solo from one of the teenagers and a surreal bit of prezzie showing. After the service we decided to wind our way back via both of the local pubs we passed. This all meant my timings got messed up slightly and so we had to i-player the queen whilst we ate. TOH is a true republican and so refused to join me in starting the meal standing with a glass to her majesty. Then it was over to Carols at Kings whilst we finished the meal.

In the evening we hosted our gathering for those in the flats who were about and wanted to come. It was a small group of about six families and we had a lovely time. After the meal we got the kids singing a few songs they’d learnt at school to the adults, (Away in A Manger, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and some donkey song which involved a lot of eey-oreing which TOH and I didn’t know). Then whilst the adults chatted TOH told the kids a story about the elf who stole the Christmas tree. As most of the kids were quite ickle, 4-7 year olds, the gathering dispersed after about an hour and a half and we went back to spend the evening chilling in our respective flats.

All in all a very happy Christmas. Hope yours was equally as good, if not a little less surreal.

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3 thoughts on “Two Dykes, A Hymn Book, A Pub Crawl and A Gathering

  1. I am really pleased to know that, whoever your WISE person was, they knew your tastes well enough to pick a suitable gift. I guess the person, whoever it was, was rather chuffed to spot the LUSH product that she.. or he, for that matter,… thought might be just your cup of tea, so to speak. And I wonder whether that person, whoever it was, had a young man with her who was supremely jealous cos he wanted one himself!

    So glad your Christmas was a good one. So was ours. Greetings from us to you and to Third Party too. Hope 2010 holds loads of happiness for you.

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