What Have I Done Now?

It seemed like a “nice” idea at the time. “It seemed like the right thing to do”. “Well somebody had to do it, and I thought I could”. “Well, I just felt it had to be done”. “I prayed about it and I felt it really was my calling”. Next time I say any of the above can somebody give me a good slap and say “but then you’ll work out what you’ve got yourself in for and panic”.

I have worked out that a small event I’ve sort of organised on Christmas Day evening has the potential to be an illustration of much of my life. It seemed a good idea at the time to organise an evening do for people in our flats who are staying in Durham over Christmas and have nobody to celebrate it with. I thought I was organising a chill out evening. I’m not sure whether the expectations are different or how it will all pan out. I was guided by somebody with an ickle more experience into doing a pot luck and stuff. I am now panicing though, I have taken responsibility and if it does all go wrong it’s my fault. I know what is being bought and there are several rice dishes together with the deserts and salad. Drink and plates will be bring your own – well it will be if I get an e-mail sent soon and a v. lovely lady at church has given me a big box of chocolates for us to share. My current feeling about it all is, “shouldn’t a proper grown up being doing this?” and “what have I done now?”

As I say it sums up alot of how I’m feeling at the moment. 2010 is going to be a big year in my life and one which has the potential to get a little more interesting than usual, even in my world. Third Party will take her GCSE’s, (continued prayers re. her and the whole school thing please), I will have a thesis to get written up and submitted, we will be looking for a new home, I will be looking for a new job (and finding out whether that path leads me back into teaching or something else), I will be trying to work out how on earth to fund the end of the adventure and get everything else planned done – (possible short fall), I may be progressing with my local preacher training (first preach – as opposed to the “talks” I’ve done elsewhere in my life – on Sunday – more prayer appreciated that God gets through and me and my nerves aren’t a distraction) and there are a couple of other things that I hopefully will be getting involved in during the year which are of a similar, “what am I doing here?” nature. Oh and the continued getting used to being in a relationship and trying to make time for TOH, aswell as Third Party in everything. Basically, at the moment I am looking at my life and wondering whether somebody else with a bit more courage and sense shouldn’t be living it.

Basically what I think I am asking for during 2010 is a bit of prayer as I panic and head off on whatever the next bit of the adventure turns out to be.

Excuse my little panic. I will leave you with an interesting You Tube clip a friend directed me to, which is almost enough to get me reaching for a traditional King James. May also make you giggle a bit. If I don’t get to say so again this week. Happy Christmas

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5 thoughts on “What Have I Done Now?

  1. Will pray.

    p.s [excuse the pun] Do hope Pastor Steve’s prophetic utterances on toilet etiquette don’t extend to pets – else our dog is headed for the everlasting pits!

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Loved the video! I’ve seen that before elsewhere, but it’s still funny.

    I’m sure everything will turn out fine with the dinner, it is really nice of you to organize that. I know people who find the holidays rough because they either don’t have people to spend it with or can’t go visit their families (I am that last one in a way), and it means a lot that you want to make the holidays a bit brighter.

    I’d offer advice on the rest, but I have none, because I’m not much of a grown-up either! Have a good one, God bless you!

  3. 1. Keep Calm and Carry On
    2. I did my first grown up party as a young married of 20 and people ate pine needles off the tree (by mistake). Nobody died.
    3. God sees your plans and thinks “Does she think she’s running this?? Good job I am!”

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Prayers and love from Down Under for you, and all that is going on and 2010 will bring.

    My prayers for a blessed and joyous Christmas, and the dinner sounds wondrous — prayers for it all.

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