The Demise of Cider

There was a time when it was “Cider and Carols” and “Beer and Hymns”. I remember this sort of well, (it was the evening of the infamous pint of wine incident when I encountered it at Greenbelt). Appears times change though and these days it’s “Beer and Carols“. A search amongst the GB archieves indicates this has been the case for atleast a year, (you can find an advert for such an event last Christmas on there). Anyway apparently there is a Beer and Carols tomorrow evening in my favourite Durham pub, “The Bridge” from about 7 to 9pm. Alas I am going to be off being a folkie, but if you fancy a good night and are about in the city it might be worth wandering down.

For those who are mourning the demise of cider, as apparently not as appealing as beer, from the title I leave with you a class bit of retro cheese from the Wurzels. Note, seeing the ickle people singing along one wonders if the Wurzels were to blame for the great British institution of kids getting wrecked on cider on street corners.

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2 thoughts on “The Demise of Cider

  1. It wa’ Zider and Carols in my local pub last Friday evenin’. Oi be thinkin’ it wa’ becarse Zider starts wi’ a C, like Carols be doin’. But it moigh’ be becarse we be in the West Coun’ree. (We ‘ave Beer n Hymns at anotherrr toyme o’ the yeeerrr.)

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