Punk Theology and Stuff

The sky blue size 5 DM’s kicked themselves into a world
Where people listen to classical music
And call things by posh french names I don’t even know the meaning of.
The Marxists would argue I am suffering from cultural deprivation
Me, I just laugh and say they’ve let me in the academy to do
Punk theology and stuff

The talk around the table takes the elaborated code
and then elaborates it some more
Suddenly I feel like the guy from the estate
Who uses the restricted code and then wonders what’s going on
When they start using words he doesn’t understand
But hey, I’m here to do punk theology and stuff

They all want to go into academia
Sometimes mixing it with the formal ministry
that many of them have already been trained to do.
Me I smile and realise that that’s their world, so cool,
As for me I’m an interpreter
Doing punk theology and stuff

They want to explore the exact meaning
Of obsure biblical verses and concepts
Or have obsessions about death and dying.
Up the road they’re into professional development
Looking at the practical and theological because of their jobs.
Me I’m just doing punk theology and stuff

In our churches there is an idea
That the academics and professionals do proper theology
Whilst the bum in the pew does “ordinary” theology
Just by working out their lives
There’s meant to be a gap
where I’m doing punk theology and stuff

In our churches there is an idea
That feminist theology is about inclusive language and women in leadership
Or maybe about the experience of women in the south
They ignore the western single mother; the working woman trying to fit in church and life
Or the elderly women shouldering the burden of the everyday tasks
That you find in punk theology and stuff

The Clash told me that the Sex Pistols taught them
“It didn’t matter if you couldn’t play too well”
The thing was they picked up an instrument or a mic and played
Expressing humour, frustration, anger and occassionally insight
Or going back to some old stuff and playing around with it
That’s what I’m doing with punk theology and stuff


* Note, the clash line quoted comes from the “Capital Radio” interview on The Story Of the Clash. The You Tube clip shows how punk and the Clash, particularly, has alot to teach the church and theologians.

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