Gandolf look only for the young

Apparently a middle-aged Guardianista cannot pull off the Gandolf look. Rather I am relegated to wearing an anorak or fleece. Third Party said her poncho looked a bit, well, but I could probably just about get away with it. TOH, who I will be with, made clear that it may have been blue but no way was she walking around London with me wearing it.Fun it appears has been relegated in the search for respectibility.

And then there is the planning thing. Rather than reading e-mails about wacky ideas to spice things up I have this week been reading e-mails regarding:
Wood glue for a banner
Applying for a wristband to be in the “VIP” section of the march and meet Ed Miliband
The need to wrap up warm because it will be cold
What to eat when and the need to pack plenty of sandwiches for on the coach and to get some warm food in you at breakfast time on Saturday

According to an article in The Church Times The Mothers Union is offering tea to protestors afterwards.

I swear it feels more like this weekend is going to be a cross between a scout outing and a Darby and Joan trip. Now, I’m not knocking safe, middle class, domesticated protesting. I am after all a Guardianista. Can you imagine Jesus at a protest these days? Somehow I can’t imagine him being in the “VIP” section at the front to go off and shake hands with a government minister, or actually I can, but he would have crashed it with lots of his friends….you know the crusties, anarchists, Socialist Workers and so forth. He would have been a nightmare for security and probably have been heavily criticised by the organisers for creating chaos.

Anyway see you when I’m back, I need to go and check my e-mails to ensure I’ve cut my sandwiches in the right direction 😉
Had I had forsight I would have got myself this t-shirt from Redmolotov

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3 thoughts on “Gandolf look only for the young

  1. I can’t say I like the sound of the Gandalf look (do you have a beard?) but do not go gently into that good night of the anorak.

  2. But, but, tractorgirl, I’m sure you’re about my age, maybe even a bit younger. So you can’t possibly be ‘old’!

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