Advent – Day 1

Today is the start of Advent. The Church of England is encouraging people to do advent through a “Ready Steady Slow” site. Seems a bit cheesy to be honest, but also potentially useful. I know at times I do need to slow down as well as have a kick up the arse to be a bit more eco friendly, etc in my practice. At the end of each day is a You Tube clip. Today it’s a short one from ++ Rowan which I’m not going to link to because I want to put in two clips.

Firstly, a You Tube clip explaining a bit about the idea is here:

Secondly, for something a bit deeper on advent and what it’s all about try a longer clip from Archbishop Rowan Williams and what he said this time last year year.

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One thought on “Advent – Day 1

  1. Enjoy Advent! the service is the one that happens in the evening, not the morning one, but glad TOH enjoyed it… does this mean she’s from the dark side… an Anglican 😉 ?

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