Merry Christmas…..war is over

There is a sense I have that war is over in the UK. By that I don’t mean the Afgahanistan war or anything I mean the war in the church. Of course there are still squirmishes and apparent battles, but something is happening in the peace making process. People have gotten weary of what’s been happening. People are searching for peace making solutions.

I say this partly through some of the things I have been hearing, but also through things like The Baptist Times is publishing articles like this one by Glen Marshall which seek to expose the differences in opinon which exist. Books like Living it Out and And It Can Be are giving a space for people to tell stories. The Marshall article is sad because it shows the way there are still many casualties of the war unsure of the nature of the peace making and reconciliation that is occuring.

What is sad though is there are now alot of resources like the one mentioned by Marshall in the article, a couple mentioned above and like the GCN DVD Through My Eyes, which is becoming available soon for international ordering, which people don’t use to help in the peace making process.

Much like the Good Friday agreement this is not about one side having won it is about a peace agreement where very differing views are respected and discussed constructively to reach conclusions – thus reducing the casualities. As I say I think the number of green shoots we are seeing is indicadive of the fact war in this country is actually over…we are now in the process of working towards finding a lasting peaceful solution. As the forgiveness project exhibition, currently on in Durham shows peace making and forgiveness on all sides takes risk.
For Nah Then, Marshall’s blog where he has also published the article see here.

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  1. I was actually quite encouraged by the Marshall article as it leaves the question open and encourages communication in this matter.

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