Teenage Kicks

I am an overprotective mum at times who probably needs to chill. Somehow I missed out the being panicky about my baby and toddler but think I am making up with it with my teenager. Think this is in part due to the lack of extended family I have around and lack of experience me and my friends generally have with kids.

Mad thing is I have spent most of the last decade working with teenagers, I know what they do / don’t do. However, I think this is part of the problem. I know all too well where some paths can lead…..and tend to think worst possible outcome and cause when it comes to my own offspring.

I need to hold onto the truth of Kevin and just remind myself of it every so often, so I remember what is normal in my situation

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Hi my name is Sally Rush: I'm a Christian, a mother, a community engagement officer, a listener, a dreamer, a partner, an experienced teacher, a friend, a daughter, a sister and so much more.

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  1. I saw the word Kevin before I scrolled down to the video. Having just read “We need to talk about Kevin” I was a bit worried for you!

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