Depression – New Guidance

It appears that NICE, (the government quango which advices doctors on how they should treat us), has issued new guidance on the treatment of depression in adults, particularly those with a chronic physical health problem. This article on the BBC site gives a brief summary as does this MIND update, which highlights fears about the way recommendations for increased use of CBT therapies will cut funding for counselling. For the full document see the NICE report, (although be aware it does run to nearly 400 pages).

Have no great wisdom to impart on this one. Just thought knowing that one thing a number of us have experience of depression, or friends who battle it, it might be something useful to flag up and let people know about.

Not what I intended posting about on this blogs 5th birthday…..but the odd bits of information sharing about useful stuff, rather than the ranting or inappropriate ego boosting, is probably the most sensible thing I have learnt to do with this ickle bit of the cyber world over the last 5 years.

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7 thoughts on “Depression – New Guidance

  1. I think they should issu more free gym / swimming memberships! Although that’s mainly cos I want one!

    Happy blog birthday!

  2. There was the Fit for Life thing here which offered free gym membership for a while. As with all these things (i.e. good ideas) they cut the funding and now the initiative no longer exists.

    (Exit stage left grumbling the usual stuff…)

  3. Sha Sha, I think we might both inhabit another space and have no problem about people posting links to this blog. Thank you for your kind comment.

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