Folking good time

At the moment I’m on a bit of a mission to introduce TOH to folk music. This is being done gently, the other week it was an evening spent snuggling whilst watching my DVD of Ralph McTell Live at the Royal Festival Hall. Last night it was off to her first folk gig; Show of Hands at the Gala. In the bar before the show TOH’s initial reaction was interesting. She looked around, noticed our youth compared the majority of the audience and said she wasn’t used to this outside of church.

Support came from Flossie Malavialle. She did some excellent stand up inbetween songs, mainly based around language differences between the French and North East. Her voice was beautiful and TOH was so impressed she bought the CD.

The current SOH County Town tour is supporting the release of the Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed CD. Think the addition of Miranda Sykes and her double bass to the band over the last few years is excellent, she is incredibly talented.

Have to say besides the fact I think SOH are just awesome the Gala is an excellent venue for folk. It is small enough to have that intimacy that larger venues lack, but large enough to make it worth it for major acts to come and give a good show. This was an excellent evening and TOH quite enjoyed, thankfully.

For those of you who are yet to connect with your own inner fokie I leave you with the title track from the new CD [youtube][/youtube]

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