Adventures with the Indigo Girls in Gateshead

Last night, (or technically just a few hours ago as I am blogging at silly o’clock, still buzzing after a great night), I went to the Sage to see the Indigo Girls. For me this was a big deal because they were one of the main artists I really wanted to see, but never have.

Couple of things to say about the venue…it is both beautiful and well wierd. They were playing in Hall 2, which is kind of like an arts studio crossed with a tiered wedding cake design. It has 3 levels and is completely in the round meaning some people just get to see the tops of the head of those on stage. I was up on the third tier and slightly bewildered to find out that a standing ticket meant you just stood behind the people who had seats. All a v. bizarre design and a quirky venue which is unlike anywhere else I have experienced.

The support act was somebody who was so memorable I don’t know her name. Even she made a joke about being asked regularly if she was going to play Smelly Cat…being v. Phoebe like in her stage persona…i.e. dizzy, hippy, blonde. Have to say she was alright but not my cup of tea.

Indigo Girls however were excellent. For those not familiar with them they are a duo who have worked with Pink and others and are probably most similar in style to the Dixie Chicks. They played a proper folk type gig with all the key elements (i) lots of retuning of the guitars to get them right, (ii) lots of swapping of instruments, (iii) a couple of numbers which also included use of a harmonica and (iv) lots of banter with the audience. Was a really good night with a mix of material. Highlight for me was hearing a kick arse version of Pendulum Swinger from the album Despite our Differences. Most memorable track off the new album, Poseidon and the Bitter Bug, was Sugar Tongue. What I really liked was the way it was clear from both the interaction and the v. reasonable prices on the merchandising stall they do really care about their fans.

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  1. i am SO jealous! Whereas I don’t listen to them much any more, Indigo Girls were instrumental in forming much of my musical tastes (no pun intended, ha!) Sounds like a fab gig. Would also have liked to see the smelly cat woman, as smelly cat is a long standing inside joke with one of my friends, plus i used to get acused of being quite phoebe-like myself.

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