Flicking the Wick

Last night I could be heard saying to people, “sorry could you just flick your wick up first” as they wandered along a fairly dimly lit wooded riverside path. No, things haven’t got that financially tight, rather this was all in the name of ecumenicalism. It was the annual candlelight procession to the cathedral organised by DUECC and the uni chaplains and somebody had given in to my requests to play with fire and given me a magic wand to light the candles with.

This is one of my favourite bits of quirky Durham life as it is truly beautiful. Everybody meets on a bridge, gets their candles lit and then wanders up by candlelight to the cathedral. They then get to wander round admiring the cathedral by candlelight, listening to some music from one of the college choirs before a short service – if they wish to go. Refreshments are then served over in the historic debating chamber, across Palace Green. Being the type of event it is restrictions are also relaxed on photography and so you can get some beautiful interior shots of the cathedral….if I can work out how to get them uploaded a few of the ones I took last night might arrive on here.

The only thing that mars the occassion slightly is the non-involvement of the CU. There is a huge hint of sadness, in my mind atleast, that due to the insistence of UCCF that CU’s uphold their doctrinal basis as put forward in their statement of faith they won’t work fully with the Catholics. The upshot of this is that whilst individual members of the CU may join in with these activities the CU is not part of DUECC.

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  1. When I was on DUECC back in the day, I organised the end of year service… and invited the CU through its president. The reply I had made made me at once both disgusted and upset, and still makes me shirty to this day.

    But the candlelit service is definitely special!

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