Beyond the Mail and the Express

Beyond the Mail and Express headlines run another set of stories about the immigration system in this country. They are the stories increasingly being picked up by the religious press and others, but only representing the tip of the ice-berg. Sitting with a close friend recently and realising her lack of knowledge and shock as we listened to someone talk about their work and the situation of asylum seekers in this country I was aware, again, of how hegemony works and how the myths of the Mail and Express (and certain political groups) get watered down and into the consciousness of even the most wonderful wooly liberals.

The Baptist Times this week carries the story of a youth worker who has headed back to Malawi because of the way the immigration service have treated him.
The Church Times recently had this harrowing account of an immigration service raid on a vicarage where an asylum seeker was being given sanctuary.

Whilst, from the dates within it, it appears to have be a couple of years old this material by Indergit Bhogal , (a former President of the Methodist Conference) on Unlocking the Doors is an informative and very useful Christian based information resource

As a starting point for anybody interested in finding out the fact rather than the fiction about asylum I would say go to the Refugee Council website. It also outlines campaigns which those of us who are shocked when we begin to realise the truth of how our “civillised” country treats people can get involved in.

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