Screaming into cyberspace


Just had to let that out. A friend of mine once commented that I always seem to find the complicated way of doing everything. Certainly seems like that at the moment.

In a simple world the first career development loan application would have gone through ok. As it is the other provider who the second application went into says they are waiting to hear back from the Learning and Skills Council, what for I don’t know, and I will have their decision by the end of the week. That’s great the next fee installment is due the first week of October so if they say no I have a week to sort out a plan b.

In a simple world I would have picked up the right e-mail or gone to the right room to pick up the right envelope and known the details of an important meeting for work before not after the event.

Oh and in a simple world one could fall in love without having to face the issues that come with being part of a single parent package forming a new relationship.

Oh and thank you to the CBI for these suggestions on student funding which sods law says will be taken up by the next government in some form and probably implemented in about 2012.

Ok moan over. Thank you to anybody who has listened to this, sometimes it’s just good to let it out.

As a bit of light relief I leave you with the Billy Connolly mockery of D-I-V-O-R-C-E which I introduced Third Party to this weekend as she was having a bit of a Dolly Parton moment with her You Tube surfing.

*Edited additional para* To clarify though I look around at some of the amazing people on the Wibsite and elsewhere and realise my life is actually very blessed and the issues are (i) largely of my own making and (ii) small things in the overall scheme of life. I am having a moan this morning because I know that it is in many ways the easiest way to get my network supporting me in prayer. That’s the wonderful thing about being part of dispersed communities like the Wibsite and having friends all over the world / UK you can post stuff like this and know people will be supporting you in prayer.
Aware of the issues of not giving too much private info away on public websites, but sometimes opening up a bit of your own vulnerability is necessary. Besides benefitting myself I hope people will see that life is simply life and as Christians we go through the same ups and downs as everybody else. However, we have an awareness (sometimes) that God is with us as we go through “stuff” and that can be a source of strength. Also as Christians we have the ability to pray. If we can be more honest about the prayer thing perhaps it will help others feel willing to ask for prayer from us themselves. Really believe that being willing to listen and pray is an important gift we can give to everybody whether they happen to be Christian or not.

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