Rites of Passage and Being a Proud Parent

This weekend Third Party had a new rite of passage and I had a really proud parent moment…the two were seperate but not disconnected.

Rite of passage was that she could go to the video shop and get out a cert 15 DVD on her own. Know it sounds silly, but to me this was really significant…it only seems 2 minutes since she was 6 months old and I was getting her first denim jacket from Adams or that around the age of three she was getting her first pair of navy DM’s. (You have to appreciate as I missed the whole first words and first steps thing these other firsts were significant for me).

Anyway amongst the DVD’s she got out for us to chill to this weekend was Cadillac Records. Now I can’t tell you much about this as I was DVD’d out after Hannah Montana and The Boat that Rocked. The film buff however loves the fact that Blockbuster has this mad deal going on that mean she can get four out for little more than the cost of one or two rentals and keep them several nights longer. (For the record Changeling was the other one she immersed herself in this weekend…again something I half watched whilst getting on with life). Anyway, getting back to Cadillac Records, this led on to the proud parent moment.

Third Party loved this film, and particularly got hooked on Etta James’ music in it. Net result was that I was dragged down to the local record store with her and her allowance, (so she could use me to get the student discount). Upon entering she noted with some relish that The Best of Vera Lynn was on display. I have been mocking her for some months about finding a couple of Vera Lynn songs downloaded onto my computer…..turns out that my daughter knew was right and Vera Lynn is class. I await the renaissence of Doris Day, who has also been discovered by Third Party. Anyway….getting back to the praise moment, she decided not to be diverted by the Vera Lynn CD and eventually found The Best of Etta James. Off we headed to the till where upon the salesman turns to me and says, “this for you?”, to which I reply (pointing at Third Party), “no, it’s hers” to which he says, “good choice, that’s class”.

Now having read far too much Nick Hornby and Mike Gayle aswell as being a total Brat Pack freak (particularly Pretty in Pink) you have to understand this is the sort of moment which made me glow with pride as a parent. My ickle girl was getting complimented upon what she was spending her allowance on in a record shop by the guy at the counter.

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  1. I, living under a rock, shall need to search out Etta James.

    What a wondrous post: and a wondrous experience! Thank you for sharing.

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