Today headed off to the Riverside to see Ipswich getting thrashed 3-1 by Middlesborough (and the penalty we got in the last minute of extra time was not even deserved).

Impressed by: the support for the Teeside steel workers Save Our Steel campaign at the beginning of the match, the beef and Yorkshire pudding wrap they had instead of pies and the community spirit which oozed out of the supporters and club.

Unimpressed by: the unsporting behaviour, particularly in the first half, which saw atleast 5 Ipswich players being booked. Boro weren’t perfect but the behaviour of the Ipswich players was inexcusable (unless they were playing Norwich). I have witnessed Ipswich appear to neither defend or attack before but they have always previously done it in a gentlemanly way. This style of play is not the Ipswich way and I am sure that Ramsey, Robson or Burley would never have allowed it. The way the team played generally….awful is probably a compliment. It is no wonder we only have 2 points so far this season. Felt so sorry for the travelling fans who had come so far and were in stunned silence at their teams terrible performance until we got the penalty at the end.

If I were able tonight I would change my allegiance or say I was never going to spend an equivalent to a weeks shopping bill on going to watch them again. As it is I know I will always be a Tractor Girl and yes, I’ll probably scrimp and save to go and watch them play at St. James’ Park in April. For an explanation all I can say is refer to Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch.

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4 thoughts on “Thrashed

  1. Sad but true that such allegiances cannot be changed…. (but we managed a point today which could’ve been worse I guess)

  2. “Wraps” at a football match?? Good job Roy Keane wasn’t there, that makes prawn sandwiches sound positively macho!

  3. Apologies for mistake in last post – I assume Roy was there. On second thoughts it may have been the wraps that were putting the team off.

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