The Supernatural Effects of Vampire Chick Lit

I have realised that a spell is cast through good vampire chick lit which is wonderful. It has the power to banish, at least for a few hours, the following in teenage girls: channel surfing, a constant craving for food and repetition of the mantra “I’m bored”.

The Twilight series by Stephanie Myers had this power and so I am finding does the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast.

I have to admit I took a risk in Waterstones, the sort of gamble which only comes from the desperation of wondering exactly what you are going to do with your teenager for the next few weeks. I also fess up to way the 3 for 2 stickers helped encourage me and so did the book cover which had that certain trashy yet elegant look, which teenage vampire chick lit appears to have.

Anyway after about 5 hours of sitting with Q radio on, and a noticeable lack of interruptions I knew I had chosen well. Yesterday Third Party literally devoured Marked in one sitting, and I note started Betrayed before bed. So if you know a teenage girl, particularly one who loved Twilight, who is complaining they are bored this holiday you could do worse than throwing them a copy of Moved.

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