Castle…no tea room!

Yesterday took Surfing Madness and Third Party off to Prudhoe Castle. It’s a reasonably sized and partly intact English Heritage property and so I was looking forward to a scone and cream tea, alas no. This property just has a coffee machine in the gift shop.

So aside from that what was it like? Well, have to say that it wasn’t the most inspiring EH castle I’ve ever visited, but not bad. It was clearly more of an education centre than most properties I visit. The main part of the property had a “play room” type thing with colouring sheets, jigsaws and a giant draughts / chess set. The outbuildings also had a number of Krypton Factor type activities lined up for those with an odd 20 minutes or so to spare.

Went through some gorgeous countryside to find it though and whilst there Third Party took some cool photos.

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2 thoughts on “Castle…no tea room!

  1. Does look very nice: great photos. And a drive through nice countryside sounds great too.

    Sorry to hear the tea rooms weren’t forthcoming.

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