Split Loyalties and Sacked Managers

Normally I want the scum, (whom we beat last Sunday to prove we are the Pride of Anglia), to not do so well. However, at the moment I desperately want them to win. They are languishing  way too near the bottom of the league table. Without the budgies in the Championship we have no local derby and East Anglia becomes even more of an isolated outpost.

We ourselves are a comfortable mid-table. This however is not a play off position and so it appears the board in their wisdom have sacked Jim Magilton who has served us reasonably over the last three years. It appears they have their sights one somebody else and so our current manager has been shifted out of the way. I’m not particularly impressed… but hey, it’s the way football works.

In the other division, you know the one that you get the decent coverage of, events are giving mixed feelings. As it stands at the moment it looks like I might be able to see two games next season, Newcastle and Middlesborough. These are two teams I would normally want to escape the drop, particularly as they are now my local teams, but if they do get relegated I get to see Championship football next season…. argghh.

At the other end of the table it also looks like being one of the most exciting title races in years. Here I have no split loyalties…. I want Liverpool to get it. This is not an anybody but Man U. or Chelsea mentality kicking in, (well not totally), rather it is linked to holidays on the Wirral as a kid and a nostalgia for the 80’s when Liverpool thrilled us most seasons. They have always, to a certain extent, been my second team.

Whatever, the next couple of weekends are going to be thrilling.

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  1. so, what do you think of Magilton’s replacement?! (definitely a case of all lined up before they got rid of him methinks)

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