Taste for the Tate

Today I have been doing the Tate (Britain and Modern).

Overall verdict of various exhibitions explored:
Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec interesting. Wasn’t too keen on Degas’ ballet dancers, but overall quite interesting. Glad I got there before it closes at the weekend.

Turner Prize is always an interesting one, in terms of raising the question, “is it really art?” Have to say that Simon Starling’s winning boat shed got pretty close to the answer of I’m not sure.

John Latham’s work was interesting and in places inspiring.

That was the Tate Britain and so it was onto the boat and down the river to Modern.

The piece made of boxes that Rachel Whitehead has created, as part of the Unilever series, was probably the highlight of my day. It was refreshing and thought provoking, and showed how the vastness of the Turbine Hall can help give the public access to amazing installations, that alternative gallery spaces may not be able to accomodate.

Henry Rousseau’s Jungle in Paris was really not my cup of tea. I’m afraid the work is too reminisent of the illustrations in children’s story books.

Overall an excellent day, thoroughly enjoyed.